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24 STORAGE Tin Hau Branch

9/F, Block B, Sea View Estate Branch

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Address: Unit 3, 9/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, No. 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Hotline:  +852 2424 2433


Tin Hau Self Storage (9/F, Block B, Sea View Estate) Size & Price List

2x5 (10 ft²)
2x5.4 (11 ft²)
2x6 (12 ft²)
2x6.6 (13 ft²)
2x7 (14 ft²)
3x5 (15 ft²)
3x6 (18 ft²)
3x7 (21 ft²)
4x6 (24 ft²)
3x9 (27 ft²)
5x6 (30 ft²)
5x8 (40 ft²)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The above offers are only valid for new customers.

  2. The above offers are only applicable during the promotion period and you can only choose one.

  3. Monthly rental customers are required to pay a deposit equal to one month's rental fee.

  4. The maximum duration of the promotion is one year.

  5. 24 STORAGE reserves the right to make any revisions to the above offers and prices, and the amount shall be determined by the invoice and the rental agreement.

  6. Storage sizes may vary slightly due to the thickness of partition walls or the height of the building's ceiling. Refer to the actual 24 STORAGE site for accurate measurements.

North Point/Tin Hau Branch Information:

Unit 3, 9/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, No. 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong

+852 2424 2433

+852 4624 2424

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

            Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed 

(For visiting the mini storage facility, please contact our staffs for inquiries.)

Access Hours: 

Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays: 24 hours (for customers only) 

Nearby Transportation:

  • MTR: Quarry Bay Station, Exit A (6-mins walk)

  • Bus: 2, 2A, 5, 5X, 8X, 10, 18, 18P, 19, 23, 25, 25A, 25C, 38, 63, 77, 81, 99, 102, 106, 110, 112, 116, 118, 601, 619, 671, 680, 690

  • Minibus: 56, 69

24 STORAGE Tin Hau Self Storage Rental Selection

3x5尺寸 | 15平方尺倉推介 | 黃埔月租迷你倉最平 | 24小時自存儲存倉 | 24 STORAGE

2x6ft (12ft²)

(L) 610 x (W) 183cm

4x5尺寸 | 20平方尺倉推介 | 黃埔月租迷你倉最平 | 24小時自存儲存倉 | 24 STORAGE

3x6ft (18ft²)

(L) 915x (W) 183cm

7x5尺寸 | 35平方尺倉推介 | 黃埔月租迷你倉最平 | 24小時自存儲存倉 | 24 STORAGE

4x7.5ft (30ft²)

(L) 121.9  x (W) 228.6cm

24 STORAGE Self Storage Payment Methods

  1. Credit Card Payment: Online transactions 

  2. EPS/ Credit Card and Major Electronic Payment Platforms: Visit the 24 STORAGE branch in person

  3. Faster Payment System (​FPS): 105461909

  4. Bank Deposit: Deposit funds into our company account (Bank of China (Hong Kong) Bank: 012-665-2-019800-4 )。After depositing, please retain the deposit slip and WhatsApp it to the branch customer service hotline at +852 4624 2424,or email it to with the invoice number for follow-up

High-quality Tin Hau Self Storage Recommendation: 24 STORAGE is your confident choice

Tin Hau in Hong Kong has become an ideal residential area for many people due to its convenient transportation and well-developed living facilities. However, the problems of soaring housing prices and limited living space have led many residents to seek solutions. This is where mini storage becomes a good option.

With an understanding of the demand for mini storage among Tin Hau residents and businesses, for storing household items, bicycles, commercial documents, collectible models, and more, 24 STORAGE Tin Hau branch is located in the central district of Hong Kong Island, conveniently serving businesses and residents in the area for storage and retrieval. Starting at Fortress Hill MTR Station, the branch is only a 6-minute walk away. Our mini storage is not only open 24 hours a day, but also equipped with multi-functional smart workstations. Whether for business or personal activities, you can use our multi-functional smart workstations.

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