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Innovative 360-Degree Storage and Space Enhancement Services 

迷你倉共享工作間- 24 STORAGE 自存迷你倉/ 單車倉



Shared Intelligent Workspace 

Featuring dedicated smart meeting pods with soundproofing and intelligent lighting and ventilation systems, we create private workspaces for our clients. Suitable for 2-4 people meetings, video presentations, teaching, workshops, and more. 


Smart Electronic Lock 

Say goodbye to tradition – access your storage unit without carrying a key, making storage and retrieval more convenient. 


Free Advertising and Communication Board 

24 STORAGE provides designated advertising spaces* at branch locations for clients, where they can post their business promotional posters for free^. 


*Staff members will regularly clean and maintain posters on the communication board to ensure tidiness and fair advertising opportunities. 


^Posters containing obscene or explicit content will be removed immediately by the on-duty staff without prior notice. 


Activity and Leisure Area 

Offering ample space for storing items and relaxation, along with free WiFi, bottled water, and coffee machines. Enjoy a moment of respite while utilizing our storage services. 


Multipurpose Packing and Storage Area 

In addition to basic tools like hand carts and aluminum ladders, we also provide storage supplies such as cardboard boxes and vacuum compression bags.* 


*Additional charges apply for these items; please consult our staff for pricing information. 


Professional Moving Service 

Offering a one-stop, point-to-point moving service to ensure the safe transportation of your items to the storage unit. 


Multifunctional Intelligent Robot 

24 STORAGE features intelligent robots equipped with disinfectant spray, conducting scheduled patrols within the storage area to ensure the safety and hygiene of both the storage units and shared spaces. 


Personal Parcel Collection Service* 

During office hours, 24 STORAGE staff can receive regular delivery items on behalf of clients. 


*This service requires advance reservation. 

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