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24 STORAGE Shek Mun Branch

10/F Block B, New Trade Plaza

6/F Block A, New Trade Plaza

18/F, Grandtech Centre


Shek Mun Self Storage (New Trade Plaza & Grandtech Centre) Size & Price List

2x6 (12 ft²)
5x3 (15 ft²)
6x3 (18 ft²)
5x4 (20 ft²)
5x5 (25 ft²)
5x6 (30 ft²)
5x9 (45 ft²)

Terms and Conditions:

1.   The above offers are only valid for new customers.

2.   The above offers are only applicable during the promotion period and you can only choose one.

3.   Monthly rental customers are required to pay a deposit equal to one month's rental fee.

4.   The maximum duration of the promotion is one year.

5.   24 STORAGE reserves the right to make any revisions to the above offers and prices, and the amount shall be determined by the invoice and the rental agreement.

6.   Storage sizes may vary slightly due to the thickness of partition walls or the height of the building's ceiling. Refer to the actual 24 STORAGE site for accurate measurements.

Shek Mun Branch Information:

Unit 11-12, 10/F, Block B, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping St., Shek Mun, N.T.

Unit 05&06, 6/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping St., Shek Mun, N.T.

Unit 16&17, 18/F, Grandtech Centre, 8 On Ping St., Shek Mun, N.T.

Unit 22&23, 20/F, Grandtech Centre, 8 On Ping Street, Shek Mun, N.T.

+852 2424 2433

+852 4624 2424

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

             Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed 

(Please contact our staffs to schedule a visit.)

Access Hours: 

Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays: 24 hours

(For customers only)

Nearby Transportation:​

  • MTR: Tuen Ma Line, Shek Mun Station, exit C (6 mins walk)

  • Bus: 281A, 40X, 43X, 85X, 86C, 87D, 89C


24 STORAGE Shek Mun Self Storage Preview

*Images are for reference only. Please contact our staff for more information.


5x3ft (15ft²)

(L) 152.5 x (W) 91.5cm


4x5ft (20ft²)

(L) 122 x (寛) 152.5cm


5x5ft (25ft²)

(L) 152.5 x (W) 152.5cm


6x5ft (30ft²)

(L) 183 x (W) 152.5cm

24 STORAGE Self Storage Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

  1. All electronic payments: Visa, Mastercard, Octopus, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay, PayMe, etc.

  2. FPS transfer number: 105461909

  3. *Bank Deposit:
    Payee Company: Pixel Storage
    Bank Name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
    Bank Account Number: 012-665-2-019800-4

    *Please keep the deposit receipt and send it via WhatsApp to the branch at +852 4624 2424, or email it to with the invoice number for follow-up


Choosing 24 STORAGE for your storage needs in Shek Mun is a wise and high-quality choice

Over the past few decades, with the continuous development of the New Territories, multiple residential estates and shopping malls have been built, leading to a constant increase in the population and foot traffic. Take Shek Mun, located in the northeast of the New Territories, as an example. Several decades ago, it was mainly industrial land. However, starting from the 1990s, the area was re-planned, and the development area continued to expand, with building heights being increased, allowing for diversified development. In addition, the opening of the Tuen Ma Line of the MTR has made transportation in the area more convenient.

Today, Shek Mun has developed into an area that combines residential, commercial, and industrial activities. With the completion of the King's Road Plaza, there are many unique shops in the area. This has resulted in a significant increase in demand for storage solutions, whether for households or businesses. Therefore, people compare prices and service quality when looking for mini storage in Shek Mun. 24 STORAGE's branch in Shek Mun caters to the needs of residents and businesses in the area.

The location of 24 STORAGE's Shek Mun branch is very convenient, and we offer affordable prices and a variety of storage unit sizes to choose from. We are open 24/7, allowing customers to access their stored items at any time. If residents or businesses in Shek Mun need to access their stored items urgently, they can save time and money by coming to our Shek Mun branch. For more information about our services, please contact our professional team at any time.

  • 1. Where are the 24 STORAGE self storage locations?
    24 STORAGE Self storage facilities are situated across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. We place great importance on choosing convenient locations with easy transportation access to facilitate our clients in storing and retrieving their belongings. Currently, 24 STORAGE Self storage branches are located in Lai Chi Kok, Wong Chuk Hang, Tsing Yi, Fo Tan, Yuen Long, Chai Wan, and more. We aim to expand our Self storage presence to additional areas in the future, serving customers throughout Hong Kong.
  • 2. Is 24 STORAGE open 24 hours?
    Yes, 24 STORAGE operates as a 24-hour Self storage facility, providing round-the-clock access without time restrictions. This allows clients to conveniently store or retrieve their belongings during evenings or on holidays.
  • 3. What are the operating hours of 24 STORAGE Self storage?
    24 STORAGE Self storage is open 24/7 throughout the year, allowing clients to access their storage units using a smart card. For more Self storage monthly rental recommendations, you can schedule a visit during our office hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, or Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  • 4. Can I visit the Self storage facility in person before renting a unit?
    Absolutely, 24 STORAGE welcomes potential clients to schedule visits to our storage facilities during office hours. Please contact our branch staff to arrange a date and time for your visit. Our team members will personally introduce you to our Self storage monthly rental services and provide on-site consultations, offering various Self storage recommendations based on your needs.
  • 5. Can I make an appointment to visit the warehouse out of office hours?
    Sure! If customers are unable to arrange a visit to the mini-storage unit during office hours, we can make flexible arrangements. Please contact our staff during the office hours to arrange a dedicated visit time.
  • 6. What is the procedure to rent a 24-hour Self storage unit at 24 STORAGE?
    The process of renting a 24-hour Self storage unit at 24 STORAGE is quite simple. First, choose your preferred location, then decide on the size of the Self storage unit you need. Clients can book a unit directly online or contact our customer service branch staff to obtain a quote. Once the payment process is completed, the unit will be ready for move-in on the scheduled date.
  • 7. Can I apply for your Self storage monthly rental plan online?
    Yes, we offer an online booking service, allowing clients to select a suitable Self storage monthly rental plan on the 24 STORAGE official website. From choosing the branch location and storage unit size to selecting the rental dates and processing payments, everything can be handled conveniently through our online platform.
  • 8. Can I rent a Self storage unit for just one month?
    Absolutely!24 STORAGE's Self storage monthly rental plans are very flexible, with no mandatory contract terms or requirements for clients to sign up for a year or more. Instead, we offer single-month Self storage rental services, which means clients can rent a storage unit for as short as one month.
  • 9. What payment methods does 24 STORAGE offer?
    24 STORAGE provides a variety of payment options. Clients can book the most affordable and high-quality Self storage units online and pay with a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay. Alternatively, clients can also make a bank transfer to 24 STORAGE's corporate bank account for the Self storage monthly rental fee. After completing the deposit process, please send the deposit slip via email or WhatsApp to us for verification. We also welcome clients to visit our 24 STORAGE Self storage branches to pay using EPS, credit card, or various major electronic payment platforms.
  • 10. Besides the customer service hotline, are there other ways to contact and learn about Self storage recommendations?
    You can reach the 24 STORAGE Self storage inquiry hotline at 2424 2433 or contact us on WhatsApp at +852 4624 2424 for more details about renting Self storage units. We also welcome you to visit the 24 STORAGE Self storage Facebook page (@24STORAGEHK) for more information. If you are unsure about the size of the Self storage unit you need, you can try our 1:1 personalized customer service by calling 2424 2433 to get professional advice from the 24 STORAGE team!
  • 11. What is the lowest budget for renting a 24 STORAGE Self storage unit?
    The lowest budget for renting a 24 STORAGE Self storage unit can be as low as a few hundred dollars.Generally, smaller storage units are more affordable, and customers looking for the cheapest option often choose the smallest available unit. However, the smallest self-storage unit may not be suitable for all clients, as it depends on the size and quantity of the items to be stored. The final budget may also vary depending on the location of the branch. 24 STORAGE publishes the monthly rental pricing for Self storage units at different branches on their website, making it easy for clients to find the most affordable option.
  • 12. How can I get the best deal and latest information on mini-storage units?
    To get the best deal and latest information on 24 STORAGE's mini-storage units, please keep an eye on our official website. We regularly offer promotions so that customers can find the most affordable options for mini-storage units. In addition to our website, we also update our social media accounts with promotional information and announcements. Please follow 24 STORAGE's Facebook and Instagram accounts to get firsthand access to the best deals and latest information on our mini-storage units.
  • 13. Is it easy to access 24 STORAGE Self storage facilities?
    24 STORAGE Self storage facilities are conveniently located near MTR stations or bus stops, just a few minutes' walk away. With easy access to various transportation options, clients can easily visit the storage facilities anytime to store or retrieve their belongings.
  • 14. How do I choose the right size for a Self storage unit?
    To help customers solve their home space needs, 24 STORAGE offers a variety of self-storage unit sizes for clients to rent. With up to 14 different size options, various items can be stored in the Self storage units, including small and large furniture, appliances, clothing, bicycles, camping equipment, water sports gear, and even company documents. Clients can rent a Self storage unit based on their storage needs and are welcome to consult with the 24 STORAGE customer service team for more recommendations on choosing the right size.
  • 15. I have a lot of furniture and miscellaneous items, should I choose the largest storage unit?
    If you have a large number of furniture and miscellaneous items, we generally recommend clients to choose a storage unit with an area of 25 to 50 square feet. However, the size of the Self storage unit is for reference only, and the actual size of your items should be taken into consideration. The best way to choose an appropriate storage unit is to schedule a visit to 24 STORAGE's 24-hour Self storage facility. By visiting the warehouse in person, our staff can also provideSelf storage recommendations based on your needs.
  • 16. Can I change the size of my Self storage unit after renting?
    If you find the rented Self storage unit too small or too large after renting, 24 STORAGE's customer service team can provide suitable Self storage recommendations for you. Depending on the availability of the desired size at the specific branch, we can arrange for a change of Self storage units on an individual basis. For more information on Self storage recommendations, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team.
  • 17. Are Self storage units humidity-controlled and temperature-regulated?
    24 STORAGE Self storage facilities feature a 24-hour intelligent temperature control system, excellent humidity control, and fire protection certification, covering the entire storage space. This ensures that your belongings and important documents are properly stored when renting a self storage unit.
  • 18. Does 24 STORAGE provide moving services for Self storage units?
    24 STORAGE offers free point-to-point Self storage moving services, so clients don't have to worry about moving numerous items. Our professional moving personnel can safely transport your stored items to the selected self-storage unit. If you need to purchase additional moving services, please contact our customer service representatives.
  • 19. Are there any restrictions on the items stored in 24 STORAGE facilities?
    To ensure the safety of 24 STORAGE clients and their belongings, we impose certain restrictions on items stored in our Self storage units. All hazardous materials and items regulated by law are strictly prohibited from being stored in self-storage units, including animals, flammable materials, chemical substances, and items obtained through illegal channels. If prohibited items are placed in the Self storage unit without permission, clients are responsible for any consequences, and 24 STORAGE reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately and pursue legal recourse.
  • 20. Can 24 STORAGE storage units be used for office purposes?
    24 STORAGE's monthly rental Self storage units are primarily intended for storage purposes and are not suitable for office use. However, we understand that finding a quiet and well-equipped office space in Hong Kong is not easy. Therefore, in addition to Self storage spaces, 24 STORAGE also offers shared smart working pods with lighting and soundproofing systems, which are suitable for small meetings, video calls, teaching, live streaming, and recording purposes.
  • 21. s it safe to store items in 24 STORAGE self-storage units?
    24 STORAGE places great emphasis on the security system of its storage facilities. In addition to staff on duty during office hours, our Self storage facilities are also monitored by intelligent disinfection robots that patrol regularly, ensuring 24-hour safety. Moreover, 24 STORAGE individual storage units use separate electronic locks, allowing only 24 STORAGE Self storage clients to access and open their own self-storage units.
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